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Having troubles logging in? Read below for more information

The new Catholic School website has been designed with a different, yet easier login structure for users to login to their accounts. First of all, your old username and passwords WILL NOT work with the new system. So what is my login? Well, some accounts from the previous system were carried over to the new system correctly, however, there were some user accounts that were not. This is only a minor setback. If you have not logged into the new CSO website since the new version went live, try logging in using a username structure of.

First letter of your first name. First letter of your middle name, followed by your entire last name.

Make sure this is all lower case. So for example for the fictional user Amy Anne Jones, her login would be aajones.

Now your password would be the same password you use to login to your Archdiocese computer, or Archdiocese email account. It's usually a word followed by a period (.) and then a four digit number.

For example, creighton.1992

Go ahead and try your account login based on this setup. If for some reason that username/password combination doesn't work, it's ok. It just means your new login combination hasn't been added to the system yet. All you have to do is email the Archdiocese IT Department. In your email, please provide the following information.

First Name:
Middle Initial:
Last Name:
Username: (your username setup like the aajones example)
Password: (your current password setup like the creighton.1992 example)
Contact Phone Number: (just in case we need to get ahold of you for any reason)

One IT gets this information, we will double check your login credentials and make sure your account can access the CSO website successfully. You will be notified afterwards that you are now able to login.

Thank you, your cooperation is appreciated.